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About Kel Green & Self Awareness.

Do You want to be more successful?  Know your value
Do You want to have loving relationships?  Know your self
Do You want peace and happiness?  Know your mind and heart

Self awareness is about having an awareness of how you are using your mind, body and energy to create your life. Knowing your real Self is the core of what it takes to live life to its fullest potential, and ‘be’ the best version of you.

My name is Kel Green, and I want to support you to experience the power of Self Awareness. When we learn how to access more of our Self with mind, body and energy we come into alignment with the purpose of our soul. 

The result? We experience more peace of mind and happiness, have more loving relationships and greater success in life. I work through coaching, self development books and programs and sharing personal development tools that are uniquely crafted and sacredly built into your daily routine that will allow you to access the power of you, for a more fulfilled life.

I am passionate about developing a clear mind, a deep connection with the heart and a strong body for making healthy and quality life and business decisions. My own personal challenges with breaking dysfunctional patterns combined with my drive to live life successfully, has inspired me to leverage my experiences to become clearer about what really matters. It’s time to realise the power of self awareness, to gain clarity and purpose in your life. 

“It is not what you do that creates your life, but who you are be-ing that matters. ‘Be’ the real You”– with love Kel

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Tune Into the Power of the Mind ebook 

Tune in to the Power of your Mind with this 40-page affirmations ebook. 

A step-by-step guide describing what affirmations are and how to use them. We use our mind by default to see, translate and make meaning of what is happening in the world around and within us. Affirmations inspire and motivate us to change our habits of seeing, thinking, and being in the world.

This ebook includes 48 unique and powerful affirmations to open the mind, body, heart & soul. Plus you receive a bonus 10 sample affirmations pre-recorded audio, (all 48 affirmation audio recordings are available separately). You can exercise your free will to change your mind and change your point of view and experience of life.  It’s up to you!