About Kel Green
Love You. Love Your Life.

I specialise in ways and means for people to experience self love. For every person I work with I aspire to provide a way for them to experience peace of mind, have more happiness, share loving relationships and increased success in what they do. 

For me, the path of personal transformation began in my late teens after being inspired by the likes of Jim Rohn, Shakti Gawain and Deepak Chopra. Following a journey to India in my twenties when I discovered the practice of Yoga, I found myself wanting to explore some of life’s bigger questions. My desire to simply understand more of  life’s circumstance led to me to undertake deep supported self reflection, yoga and meditation.

My earlier years, (after completing a degree in business and marketing), were spent in the corporate environment as an IT Strategist and marketer with both Silicon Valley giants and in my own business. For the past fifteen years I have been teaching and studying self-awareness, psychology and yoga in both the United States and in Australia.

In 2011 I moved back to Australia, established a yoga school,  taught Himalayan inspired yoga whilst completing a masters in transpersonal psychology. At the same time I began studying intuitive energy healing.

My more than 30 year plus journey studying and practicing business, eastern and western healing modalities  and teaching yoga with respected teachers inspired me to share my experience with others. For I have found that self love lies at the core of personal success in living a fulfilled life. 

I feel it is a privilege to help people discover the keys to unlocking their greatest potential by weaving the wisdoms of spiritual psychology, tantric science, energy and intuitive teachings for personal transformation and self-awareness into their lives.

I am a business owner, mother, speaker, self help author and a yoga teacher. In this way I live my life as the best version of who I can be sharing self-awareness in mind, body and energy whilst living my life with peace and love.

“Every moment is an opportunity to change your point of view, to love you and love your life” With love – Kel