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 Do you need to make changes in your life but don’t know how?      

If you’re on the path of self-development, in whatever field, this course will give you a map, a mantra, the momentum to steer your life in the direction you need to go. Jane 2020

Join a community of like-minded people who seek to better understand their true self and life purpose in an interactive online environment. This workshop is an opportunity to give to you and receive guidance and techniques to reveal what you have been seeking.

Discover a way to look deeper within, one which will support you to become the best version of who you can be.

Uncover your soul’s desires and learn how to apply ancient teachings in the art of fulfilling them. Drawn from ancient scriptures these teachings give you techniques to use as guidance for the everyday choices you make. It is these choices that shape the ultimate outcome of your life!

This workshop will help you with how to change how you see yourself, the world, and your connection to it all. Change the Way You See lets you see it all with new eyes. 

This is a workshop for anyone seeking a deeper, richer, more meaningful life!

What You Will Learn

  • What the Four Desires are and how they relate to your life
  • An ancient process for fulfilling specific intentions and how to apply effective processes for breaking free from your non-constructive patterns.  
  • Discover how the practice of self-reflection assists you in manifesting a deep inner knowing and peace within your heart. 
  • Develop your own personal dharma code or statement of your unique soul’s purpose for being here. This is a carefully crafted statement designed to guide you in the choices you make for the rest of your life. 

This workshop will supply you with the guidance, processes and focus to create a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom. Change the Way You See with The Four Desires is the inspiring, empowering, and life-changing workshop, based on Rod Stryker’s bestselling book – The Four Desires. The book is recommended however, relevant content for participating in the course online will be distributed at the start of  the workshop.

July 2021
5pm to 9pm Thursday 22th & 29th 9am to 3pm Saturday 24th & 31st
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Workshops for 2021 are in July & October for the AEST livestream ONLINE via Zoom.

Course runs two Thursday evenings  and two Saturdays.

Investment is $490 AUD. Register your interest to book.

Note: This is a Para Yoga Registered Program, participants will be eligible for accreditation towards PYMT.

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Kel Green M.A. is a Speaker, Self Help Author, Workshop Facilitator, Mother, Small Business Owner and Yoga School Director and the only Australian Para-Yoga Certified trainer for ‘The Four Desires’.

Kel first discovered yoga in 1999, studying and teaching in the USA to receive training in several styles with respected teachers. In 2010 she began her journey with Para Yoga and her experience with The Four Desires inspired her to make this part of her own life and in turn share these teachings with others.

Kel brings the wisdom of spiritual psychology, tantric science, energy, and intuitive teachings for personal transformation inspiring a self-awareness of power within each of us to live life to its fullest. With 20 years of experience, she expertly helps us weave these amazing teachings into our lives.

Kel brings Change The Way You See with the Four Desires live stream online and in-person to the Asia Pacific time zone.

Change the way you see

And watch your life transform