How do I feel? Where do I feel? What do I feel? That is the question…

In the journey of life…western mainstream society’s beliefs have largely sought to repress, control, and often ignore how we feel.

The ‘logic’ of the mind becomes the voiced reason for choices and actions. Yet what about feelings?

We are born with them…to cry, to laugh, to feel mad, to feel sad, to feel…Where do we feel?

In the body, is the first answer in my thought…I have noticed that the feelings travel around the body, or may become localised or any manner of variation as I think a thought and feel a feeling… The body speaks in reflection of my feeling…when I feel sad for example, I may feel it in my chest area as a heavy sensation. This brings an awareness to my emotion…sadness.

My process for this is to sit in this feeling… to take the time to be in it…not always easy depending upon the emotion. Yet the longer I sit the more I find I am revealed to myself. The feeling, Why the feeling sad? The sensation of feeling…exploring this and “allowing” the feeling creates for me a sense of release and a clarity as to what is going on in this body, this mind, and in the ‘energy’ of the feeling.

From the mind we may make judgments of ourselves based on feelings we have, or have feelings about others in judgement  making “an assessment” about how they are. Oh they are like this or that and I don’t like this or I really like that…based on what is labelled by  mind as  feeling bad or feeling good.   Within…We may do the same pattern with ourselves such as I like this about me or I don’t like that about myself …

Where do judgments come from? The mind?…A belief?

What do I feel about that?



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