How do I go with the flow?…Is it a trust in the energy way of being?

The saying ‘go with the flow’ easy to say…for me a completely different experience

I am finding in my own experience of life that when I consider aspects of my being in body, in mind and in energy or spirit (both separately and as one)  I am opened to a whole new way of be-ing in the world.

In reflecting on ‘go with the flow’ in the context of energy I use here the metaphor of the river flow…the river flows with the direction of the landscape topography & geography, the current of the energy, through the places of least resistance.  I sense in my natural humanness; the innate intention of direction within the river…that part of the our selves that directs gently the shape and nature of the water and its relationship with the land upon which it travels…and yet I can-not control it.

The river simply continues to flow…as does the energy that forms connections in matter and relationship.

What then in observation am I to do?  Surrender to the flow? Trust, release… ride the river?




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