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Manage Your Mind with Meditation

Most of the time, without realising it we are stuck in the mind and think that we are our thoughts. Yet it is our thoughts and feelings about them that help shape our reality. 

  • Clear your mind and rewire  your brain.
  • Increase  access to your inner wisdom intellectual and intuitive
  • Build the efficiency and effectiveness of how you process information
  • Get out of your mind to master it with consistent  practice. 

Meditation changes the way you see the world to see more clearly what’s is really going on.  It allows you to be the observer of  your feelings, thoughts, words and actions. You have the choice in how you are as a person, how relate with and create your world. 

Guided Meditation

Hello, every second Wednesday from 1st September I will be facilitating guided group meditation in person. Together, we will work with the energy of the moment, to feel more peace and happiness with your life and strengthen your connection with the real you. The meditation will go for one hour  at a cost of $20. For bookings and inquiries please email or message me on Facebook, click here for more details  with Love and Light Kel.  

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Yoga Consultations & Private Tuition

Use the body and breath to open your mind with yoga by exploring the energy, body, and mind connection. This is traditional Himalayan yoga combining postures, breathing, energetic practices, relaxation, and meditation.  Book a private class or a two part consultation including an assessment and custom practice for you uniquely designed to balance your mind, body and energy. Includes a physical practice, breathing exercises, meditation and lifestyle recommendations.

Tuition & Consultations can be in person or online via zoom.

"I started going to Kel’s FLOW classes about 2 years ago. As a strict Bikram practitioner for 8 years whom never tried FLOW classes, Kel led me through my first FLOW class, which changed my perspectives of yoga. Kel G has an impressive deep knowledge of yoga as a philosophy, and how this philosophy flows in her classes, and passed on to students like myself. I have always been encouraged by Kel’s calm assurance and I appreciate her professional adjustments to my postures. I enjoy Kel’s delightful sense of humour and humbleness. Kel’s teaching style is motivating and rejuvenating, provided me with an opportunity for personal physical and mental development through FLOW yoga."
Alicia Chan