Patterns…What is it that we see and experience differently?

As awareness expands into conscious mind, I have found that I see and experience all of life differently at any moment in time. What is true for me in one instance might be different the next.  Within this seeing I see patterns, just as in nature there is the spiral of a DNA and the spiral of the shell…so to are these patterns built into the formation of all matter, of relationships, and the arrangement of our solar system.

I invite you to consider… from the experiencing of mind, body and energy.

For example…take some time to ponder this image of the spiral…Is there any movement in the image? How does it move?  inwards to out or outwards to in… or some other way? Is there something else that arises as the way you see,  think, feel, experience about it?

This for me is the practice of  observation of our self  in…relationship…the pattern. Always changing with the expansion of our awareness…or not?



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