Tools for Self Love

Power up your life with Self Love and Be the best version of you using any of these self love tools. 

To have more self love, we need to experience it not just read about it. Each of these products are especially designed to give you a personal experience and insights into how you are using your body, mind and your energy.

  • Move your mindset from stuckness and stress, to balance and peace.
  • Learn how to use your body, to pin point blocks, feel and release tension and move through discomfort. 
  • Learn how to tune into your energy  to focus it and take your life to the next level. 

We are not just physical beings with a body, we also have a mind (which is how we see the world) and a part of us that is energy.

How we use and direct our energy affects our mind and body. When we master all three we have direct access to our personal power, the power of self love. 

Self love tools teach you how to respond instead of react to difficult situations, show you how to choose thoughts that uplift and inspire rather than stay in pain and limitation.

With the power of self love you can focus  your energy and shift your point of view from pain to gain.

We have all we need within. All it takes is a choice and your action to make a change in your life. “Be the best version of you.”

Wisdom of You

Wisdom of You is a powerful reference guide to tune into the real you. A handbook for making consistent and real change in the way you see yourself. Wisdom of you shows you how your mind has certain beliefs that can keep you from living your best life. It will inspire you to step out of and change the way you use your mind. Recognize and release thoughts, opinions, and beliefs that no longer serve you. Transform the way you see and shape your reality. This book takes you through a process to feel and reveal answers to  questions about what is true for you. Use it to access your own inner wisdom in this world.

Available in hardback, paperback and ebook format.
We ship direct Australia wide . Also available on  Amazon or Booktopia worldwide.


Wisdom of You

The Personal Transformation Journal

The Personal Transformation Journal guides you in moving from pain to gain. It is a combined book and journal which shows you how to journal in a way that opens your mind to see what is really going on. It presents a means to move away from dysfunctional patterns and connect to your body. Get will support you to clear your mind and answer life’s deeper questions for what is next in your life. Learn how to process your emotions, to feel and hear what your body and is really saying. Experience the difference between the voice of your inner guidance and the thoughts of your mind. Begin a 40-day practice with the five steps of transformation journaling to make real change happen in your life.


Available in hardback, paperback and ebook format.
We ship direct Australia wide and it is also available Amazon or Booktopia worldwide.


The Personal Transformation Journal

How to Go From Pain to Peace In Ten Easy Steps

The Pain to Peace ebook is a ten-step practical process designed to support you in working through the big issues and challenges in your life. When the sh!t really hits the fan and your emotions are at boiling point, it is a great time to use and redirect that energy to make real change and to gain wisdom from the experience. In this thirty minute, 10 step process to move your experience from pain to peace. Learn how to stop reacting to the people around you, and to start choosing how you respond instead. Teach yourself to master your mind and balance your energy to live a fulfilled and happier life.

Available in ebook format, download on purchase.


How to Go From Pain to Peace In Ten Easy Steps