Radical Forgiveness…Loving Acceptance… Can the truth set you free?

Forgiveness…what does this really mean as the word is used in today’s world?…

To say the phrase “I forgive you” means what ? To let it go? That it is all OK…like nothing happened…That I will allow it in the future or not? That I will forgive you but the behavior is not ok?  What does to forgive really feel like?

May be a way to understand this is to look at what the apparent opposite is…Non Forgiveness…For me this means to hold onto resentment and/or anger about something, someone or some experience.

What occurs then in our mind, body and energy with this feeling of Non Forgiveness? To me this feels like a choking or holding on to the energy, to thoughts and a tightness in my body, particularly the heart area.  Mind & body health texts…generally explore resentment and anger in physical body  happening as as dis-ease. A manifested imbalance in the body systems then creating illness.

So what is forgiveness? Colin Tipping in his book “Radical Forgiveness” Making Room for a miracle …introduces the concept of  “Divine Truth” a way of tapping into “multi-sensory spiritual reality” where soul crosses between human world and spiritual connection.

“What if …Instead of seeing this situation as tragic and undesirable, we became willing to entertain the idea of a ‘Truth’  that this was a divine plan unfolding exactly as it needed to unfold, that each of the parties…were actually getting exactly what they subconsciously wanted at the soul level?” Source: Radical Forgiveness.

Forgiveness in this way of perception is a spiritual path meaning (as opposed to a  practical human way of living in the world)… “There is no right or wrong, no good or bad” only our thinking makes it so. Forgiveness from this view is releasing our mind based beliefs of judgments, attachments to being in the victim role.

What is this ? Surrendering to the ‘what is’ …this experience of  ‘ a divine truth’ in knowing self as energy, mind and body?


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