Self Understanding of body, mind & spirit

In a conversation today, I noticed that I am continually seeing, listening and being in self understanding. I understood that each of us are living out our life story…and yet there is a commonality in our relationships with it. When mainstream ways of knowing using mind psychology and or body disease are the only avenues, to me we are missing an important part of who we are. We are also giving our power to something or someone outside of ourselves.  As a human, I sense that I am made up of body, mind and spirit, soul or energy or divine or what ever you want to name it.  I will name it spirit and soul as  those parts of ourselves that on an inner level is watching the mind think the thoughts, watching the body experience. To see this way  requires an opening of mind, heart, body, spirit from one or more parameters. A new listening with more than the ears. This opening can come from a trauma, from an innate desire to ask such fundamental questions as who am I ? Why am I here? from spiritual practice, or I am sure from other ways not currently conscious to me…What I sense is true for me is that this energy understanding is integral to the elevation of human consciousness.



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