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Life can be challenging and difficult at times, we may be looking out into the world for answers, doubt ourselves, or see others living life in the ways we want too but we don’t know-how. 

Do you find yourself asking these questions……. What do I really want from life? What does my heart long for? 

What resides deep in my soul? How do I really want to live my life? We know we need to make changes to our life but how?

What’s the first step?  And then…What’s next? 

The Wisdom Of You is a practical handbook for changing the way you see your life by giving you guidance to take the steps you need for change. It shares ways to help you transform your world for the better. This book will take you through a process to feel and reveal answers to your questions about yourself. It will inspire you to change the way you use your mind, to recognize and release thoughts, opinions, and beliefs that no longer serve you.  It will impact the way you see and shape your reality.  

Change can be scary, so we offer you a FREE Chapter on Courage to read first. 

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"I highly recommend Wisdom of You. It is easy to follow and is full of suggestions to make your personal journey of change. Kel has a lovely style to guide you in your journey Get it for yourself or as a gift for someone you love and enjoy the changes that will happen."
"Wisdom of you gave me the direction I needed to see things differently. I have found a greater peace of mind and new way to live. One that gives me so much more pleasure and peace with each day."
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Author Bio

Kel Green M.A. comes from Melbourne, Australia. Kel is a Speaker, Self Help Author, Workshop Facilitator, Mother, Small Business Owner and Yoga School Director. She lives on the Gold Coast with her dog, Opal.

Kel has been writing since she was 15, and has published two books – The Wisdom of You – A Handbook for Personal Transformation, and The Personal Transformation Journal. 

Kel’s passion for developing a deep heartfelt connection, a clear mind, and a strong body for making quality life choices evolved from her own life story of personal challenges. She seeks to find joy in the passing moments and makes time each day for a cup of chai and quiet self-reflection.

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